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SuperUsefulStore™- Tile Repair Agent

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  • Application-Used to repair chips, scratches, dents, cracks, wear and holes of any porcelain ceramic surface like tub, tile, shower, tub, vanity, sink. Also works on fiberglass, stone, plastic.
  • High Performance - All of our blends are permanent repairs and are stronger than the original item. With strong adhesion and good strength, can be used as component joint adhesive.
  • Repairs in a few simple steps - All you need is to mix repair part A and part B together, apply them to the damaged area, then smooth the surface.
  • Quick Dry-It only takes about 10 minutes to achieve a dry surface after application
  • Efficient - When dried, the surface is shiny and has a porcelain appearance.


  • 1. Mix repair adhesives A and B before construction and stir thoroughly during construction. Never use construction A or B alone
  • 2. Tile repair adhesive is very hard after curing, and it should be shaped or scratched before drying during construction, then polished with sandpaper for details.
  • 3. The temperature in winter is low, you can burn it with hot water first, then take it out to mix the construction


  • Uses: ceramic tile repair
  • Color: Black, light gray, rice yellow / cream color, light gold, Ivory white, White porcelain, Transparent, wine red
  • The Kit includes: compound part A + compound part B

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