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SuperUsefulStore™- Scrub Cleaning Ball

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Household Soapy Kitchen Cleaning Wire Ball

  • Say Goodbye To Stubborn Messes In The Kitchen.
  • How often do you have to scrub away at the burnt food in the bottom of a pot? Or pasta that’s stuck to the bottom of a pot or pan?
  • Use a Steel Wool Soap Pads and get rid of the stubborn mess with ease.

Main Features

  • Non-Scratch Soap Scrubber
    Steel wool soap pads are made of food grade fine steel wire, with "build-in" rich effective soap, so they’re ready to wash and remove tough messes right out of the packaging, And will not scratch the surface.
  • Removes The Toughest Mess
    These steel wool scour pads make cleaning pots and pans a breeze. And they double as cooktop cleaning pads too. Never be defeated by stubborn dirt and grime again.
  • Fresh & Clean
    The soap in these pads smells fresh and clean, because no one likes a smelly kitchen. Scrub your pots and pans and get them as clean as they were new, while giving your kitchen a fresh, clean smell.
  • Disposable Items
    The soap powder can be discarded when it is consumed, to avoid the accumulation of dirt and the growth of bacteria and mold. Environmentally friendly materials, in the natural environment, can be quickly absorbed by natural degradation.
  • Wide Application
    Our scrubbing soap pads are not only used for kitchen oil, but also for laundry tubs, barbecue stoves, kitchen wall tiles, and any place with stubborn stains.


Using Methods

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